Full Day Safari


The Government of Rajasthan has approved the proposal of full day safari in Ranthambhore. The time for safari is from sunrise to sunset i.e. 12 hours in total. A limited number of 5 gypsies will be allowed at a time, for both full and half day safari together, within the carrying capacity of five people each. Another thing is that, these gypsies have free zone system that means they can move anywhere from zone no.1 to zone no.10. Ranthambhore is a paradise for all wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, who want to see animals, mainly tigers, in their natural wild habitat. Taking a full day safari at Ranthambhore National Park increases the chances of tiger sightings and also other animals and birds. So it is a great opportunity for all the wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. They can wander around the forest for a complete day and expect great tiger-sighting chances. According to the 2014 census of tigers, there were 62 tigers in Ranthambhore National Park, which is highest in park's history. Good number of tigers and more time for safari means good chances of sighting.

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